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Epiphany Publishing, LLC is a private publishing company based in Indianapolis, IN.  We are devoted to exploring catalysts for growth in the fields of religion, psychology, business, and human development.


As a community, we are currently recalibrating our operational model in order to better frame, study, and socialize progress in the various fields of human development.


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Each year, Epiphany Publishing donates 25% of all its profits to nonprofit organizations that fight profound injustice -- especially those atrocities that rob the innocent of their future. This includes the global sex trade, child soldiers forced to fight in war, and other forms of unthinkable oppression. 


We invite you to join us in partnering with luminous, restorative organizations like,,, and

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Blackwood Research Group is an independent, non-governmental, multinational research institute headquartered in Indianapolis, IN.


It is a private community of interdisciplinary analysts and scholars that exists to analyze, critique, socialize, and market dynamic research in a wide spectrum of converging fields.  Their primary focus is in the fields of: Investing and trading models; marketing and ecommerce strategies; globalization and cultural studies; health and wellness; and the convergence of science and religion/spirituality.


Blackwood’s community of analysts and researchers is composed of approximately 45 individuals from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Africa.  For more information, write to us here.


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